I liked this so convenient to use and really helpful in easing the pain. Added Epson salts with warm water. The flusher really helps in providing the soothing effect in the pain area. Really glad that i found a right product at the right time

The sitz bath for toilet made of high-quality plastic, non-toxic, odourless, healthy, environmentally friendly, safe & durable
Easily clean your private parts, help treat hemorrhoids and other diseases in the anus and genitals, and use it with medicine to make it more effective

Sitz Bath for Toilet | Portable Sitz Baths | Toilet Sitz Basin




The design has a built-in overflow, which can automatically drain excess liquid into the toilet without worrying about staining your toilet and the floor.

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Safe and Comfortable

The sitz bath is made of PP+TRP environmental-friendly material. It is safe and healthy, odourless and non-irritating to your skin. Ergonomic and non-slip designs make you sit comfortably. Especially safer for pregnant and the elderly.

Sitz Bath for Private Care

If you have haemorrhoids, or if you’ve just had a baby, you can use Sitz Bath with hot water and any type of salt to help relieve any pain, reduce inflammation, improve hygiene, and promotes blood flow in your bottom or around your private.

Removable Flusher and Tube

With a flusher, it is easier to send more water to clean or rinse, and enjoy your water column surf massage, the hip spa. Also, you can remove the flusher and use it as the steam seat for daily steaming with natural or herbs if you need it.

Portable and Easy to Use

No bathtub is NEEDED, just put it over the toilet seat and add warm boiled water (30-42℃). Then relax and enjoy the magic steam soak after sitting back! It’s easy to clean and portable for easy travel.

Fits Standard Toilets

This sitz bath fits most standard toilets seat and commode chairs. It is an excellent solution for anyone who wants a portable sitz bath for their home.

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What is a Sitz Bath for Toilet?
A Sitz Bath for Toilet is a specially designed basin that fits over a standard toilet seat. It allows individuals to sit in warm water for soothing and therapeutic purposes, particularly for the lower body.
What are the benefits of using a Sitz Bath for Toilet?
Using a Sitz Bath for Toilet offers benefits such as relief from discomfort associated with hemorrhoids, anal fissures, postpartum recovery, and other conditions affecting the perineal area.
How does a Portable Sitz Bath differ from a Sitz Bath for Toilet?
A Portable Sitz Bath is a broader term that refers to sitz baths that are not specifically designed for toilet use. Some portable sitz baths may require a separate container, while a Sitz Bath for Toilet fits directly over the toilet.
What are the advantages of using a Portable Sitz Bath?
Using a Portable Sitz Bath provides advantages such as versatility in using it with any suitable container, easy storage and transportation, and the option to use it in various locations.
What is a Toilet Sitz Basin?
A Toilet Sitz Basin is another term used to describe a sitz bath designed to be used over a toilet. It is similar to a Sitz Bath for Toilet, providing the same therapeutic benefits.
Can a Sitz Bath for Toilet be used with any toilet seat size?
Most Sitz Baths for Toilet are designed to fit over standard toilet seats. However, it’s essential to check the dimensions and compatibility to ensure it fits securely.
How do I use a Sitz Bath for Toilet?
To use a Sitz Bath for Toilet, fill the basin with warm water, place it over the toilet seat, and sit in the warm water to immerse the perineal area for the recommended duration.
Can a Portable Sitz Bath be used for postpartum recovery?
Yes, a Portable Sitz Bath can be used for postpartum recovery to help ease discomfort and promote healing after childbirth.
Can a Toilet Sitz Basin be used with both warm and cold water?
Yes, a Toilet Sitz Basin can be used with both warm and cold water, depending on the individual’s preference and the specific therapeutic purpose.
Are Sitz Baths for Toilet suitable for all ages?
Sitz Baths for Toilet can be used by individuals of various ages, but it’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and consult a healthcare professional for specific health concerns.


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