THIS THING IS LOUD! I bought this alarm for traveling and decided to try it out at home. It will definitely wake you up when it goes off! There are settings for sensitivity and on/off. This isn’t anything fancy but it’s practical if you want simple security in your home.

The Door Stop Alarm acts as a door wedge to stop an intruder from entering. It is an inexpensive & portable solution for use in hotel rooms, apartments, offices and homes

Door Stop Alarm | Doorstop Security Alarm




The Door Stop Alarm offers a practical, inexpensive means to help protect yourself and safeguard your belongings.

Product Dimensions: 138mm x 46mm x 40mm | Alarm Time: 60 seconds | Weight 120g (note: 9V battery not included)

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When the door stopper alarm is “on” and when door pressure is applied, the door alarm will be triggered while making an extremely loud 125db alarm.




No wiring needed; battery-operated (requires 1x9V battery, not included), simply turn on the alarm and place it under the door.


The door stopper alarm in “off” status, can be used as common damping rubber base door wedge to hold your door in an open position without any loud alarm sound.


Comes with an adjustable sensitivity switch – Low, Medium or High


Less than 0.4kg | 0.88 lbs. Can be easily moved and installed in another bathroom. Ambidextrous design works for both right and left-handed users.

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Place the unit on the floor, under the door which should be positioned directly below the door knob with the low end of the unit under the door. Move the switch located on the back of the unit to the on position. If the door is opened it will strike the metal plate, preventing the door from opening and activating the alarm. The Door Stop Alarm is also equipped with a movement sensor which will activate the alarm if the unit is moved. A sensitivity switch allows you to adjust the amount of movement required to set off the alarm.”

Wedge Shaped Home Door Stop Stopper Doorstop Security Alarm.

  • Ensures your safety and peace of mind at home or when traveling.
  • Wedge-shaped design Doorstop Security Alarm to fit most hinged door.
  • It features plastic construction with silvery metal.
  • Bottom of the Wedge Doorstop Alarm has anti-slide rubber to hold it secure.
  • Adjustable High-Medium-Low vibration sensitivity.
  • No installation required, easy for travellers to carry.
  • 125dB high-pitched continuous siren when activated (pressure on door stop
    activates alarm).
  • It can be used as a doorstop when power switch is turned off.

Recommended, for both domestic and international travel, is a handy-dandy doorstopper alarm. You simply wedge it in your hotel room door when you go to sleep, and if anyone tries to break into the room, it sounds an alarm — usually a deterrent to any criminals.

The Door Stop Alarm is intended to both block unwanted intrusion into the room you are occupying whilst at the same time set off a loud 125 dB alarm which will deter most intruders.

Use the Door Stop Alarm in hotel rooms, apartments, or even your own home. Many security products on the market today will only alert you after the intruder have entered. This device will not only activate an alarm but will prevent unwanted intruders from entering through the door it is used with. If an intruder attempts to enter, the alarm will sound and the unit will wedge underneath the door. The wedge shaped design and non-skid pad on the bottom of the unit will prevent the door from opening.


This alarm is only 15cm(L) x 5cm(W) x 6cm(H) and weighs 133g so these dimensions make it easy to carry in your luggage when travelling. No installation or wiring is required and it is powered by one 9V battery. To use all you do is position wedge on the floor directly below door knob. Turn switch on and when door is opened it will strike the metal plate preventing door from opening and activating the alarm. The unit is also fitted with an adjustable movement sensor which will activate if the unit is moved.

If you are wanting to improve the security of your home, our door stop alarm reviews will help. It is vital to do all you can to keep your property and belongings safe. Door stop alarms are one way that you can increase the security of your rooms.

According to a Interview, a former CIA Officer who travelled extensively both domestically and internationally around the world listed the Door Stop Alarm as a must have and number 6 on his list of things to take with you. According to the Agent, “You simply wedge it in your hotel room door when you go to sleep, and if anyone tries to break into the room, it sounds an alarm — usually a deterrent to any criminals.”

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